Friday, June 11, 2010

Gee…we’ve come to the end of our short stint in Cambodia. I’ve gained invaluable exposure from the training sessions, experienced the humility of people like Sopeap and Tidar who are ever so willing to serve the teaching fraternity in Cambodia, heard the inspiring sharing of Dr Chan Roath and Dr Suykry who are trying their best to make things work for the better in Cambodia and met foreigners who have so much love and burden for the poorer Cambodians, from Jachin’s Caucasian missionary friend to the Scotland lady whom I met at the massage parlour last night – she had come over to serve as a 2-week volunteer in an orphanage here. Even the French man who owns the Quad Bike business in Siem Reap loves the simplicity of this country. So I’m going back to the comforts of my country today, but certainly more appreciative of what I have =)

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