Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reflections Day 3

Teaching the Cambodian teachers and trainee teachers was such a wonderful experience today. We in the team helped each other setup, distribute materials, facilitate group work and by prompting each other on what to do next, we made sure that the participants had an enriching experience. I sensed so much support from my collegues as I presented during the last slot of the day. Thank God the presentation went well; I got to introduce myself in Khmer , something I had intended to try doing. I learnt a lot from my colleagues as well, the presentations on fractions, triangles and times tables and Napier's bone were awesome. Let's keep it up guys!  

Our interpreter was great! I'm so envious of him! He speaks both English and Khmer
so well! He gave me feedback that it was harder for him to understand our Singaporean accent as compared to American accent. He also told me more about the universtities here.

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