Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reflections day 2

Today we visited 2 schools in kandal province. We met the school principals and provincial educational leaders. We learnt about the educational system here in the government schools and also had a chance to distribute the gifts of books and toys we brought. 

It was especially moving to see how happy the children were when they recieved the gifts, even more so since I knew that most of the items were the excess donated. Old storybooks and used stuffed toys would so readily be thrown away by Singaporean children, but the Cambodian children's eyes so quickly lit up when they received the gifts. 

I also got to practice my Khmer vocabulary today.  These are the new words learnt

Water.  Turk
Minute.  near ti
Baby gon nAh
Mekong river dtoo oon lay me kong
Boy broah /bong
Girl kymang srei
Put dock knong
Stop choop
City mall psar Tom nerp
Olympic stadium Start Olympic
Meet joop 

I may have inadvertantly said something wrongly. I realized that I used the word nek to refer to my counterpart. The word I should have used should be boong or Loke which refer to counterpart or senior respectively. Nek should be used for children. Oops. Nonethelss I'm glad I took the opportunity to pracitce newly learnt words. 

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